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is an Agile Agency

What is Agile?

Agile is a style of project management that emerged with the need for rapid development of digital properties that serves the understanding that project parameters should be flexible to accommodate for changing specs, needs, and landscape.

Every 2 weeks, on a fixed schedule, SLTWTR starts and ends a Sprint. We execute a variable amount of work for one or more clients in those two weeks.

In a traditional agency environment, entire projects are broken into phases. Concept, Design, Build. But how can an agency know what they will be building before it is concepted and designed? They cant. This is why traditional projects rarely come in on time, on budget, and with happiness shared between client and agency.

Waterfall Waterfall
Agile Agile

In an agile environment, focus is put on each individual feature.

Effort is estimated at a granular level using a point system. Functionality is considered first, and a prototype is built. An aesthetic iteration is layered over the working feature.

We move quickly and prioritize functionality.

With our design sensibilities and understanding of branding, our delivered "functional prototypes" are are on point and on brand.

deliverable websites in 2 weeks

Each 2-week Sprint is composed of some number of features. The result is a launchable iteration of a digital property.

What this means

We deliver on time.

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