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The BoardBuilder

In January, we started working with Channel Islands Surfboards, the most recognized brand in the surf industry, and the indisputable leader in surfboards. We’ve got some amazing stuff in the works for them, and the first project we tackled was the  implementation of a next generation surfboard creator, dubbed the Board Builder, to create a custom surfboard on the CI website. The tool integrates the same Shape3D cad software Channel Islands runs on the mill in their factory, into a public-facing UI for designing a custom surfboard.


The 3rd Dimension

The best part of working with the Shape3D software, is the output files. Each user can experience their custom board from multiple angles. Take it for a spin. While we’ve tinkered with 3d before, this opened new doors.


How’d it go?

We worked through the usual challenges in matching user experience, administrative workflow, and doing our best to start small.

the userbase tipped the scales at over 20,000 on the day it was announced

The launch of the Board Builder came with ‘Viral Success’, as the userbase of surfers who tinkered with dimensions, outlines, volumes, fins, colors, tipped the scales at over 20,000 on the day it was announced.
From there, further interest was sparked when people began sharing the boards they were creating. A thread was started on Surfer Magazine’s forums with an informal contest to Design the Ugliest Board .


What’s Next

While the launch of the BoardBuilder marks a significant milestone in the Channel Islands site, as well as the entire realm of surfboard websites,  there is much more to come. We’re diving deeper into the use cases that prompted the boardbuilder, and creating a much larger toolset of ways to interact with the products, team, and vision of the Channel Islands brand. Stay tuned.