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Link Sonar: January 17th 2014

One Million Reasons


A revolutionary HTML5 experience to promote the Audi R8 (we think, our German is a little rusty).

We love the way the user is engaged in the design of the vehicle when browsing the social feedback and vice versa.

Lucid Stead


Lucid Stead is and installation in Joshua Tree, CA. created by artist Phillip K. Smith III. in this video we see a time lapse of the piece’s affect.

Snazzy Maps


For those not already in the know, Google Maps allows to to create custom themes for embeddable maps. Snazzy Maps is a collection of very nice themes to use as inspiration, or use in your projects.

My Shreddies


We had this site pegged as a marketing agency’s (successful) push at viral, in the way that Lolz created a speakeasy nightclub in NYC so exclusive that it didn’t really exist. So we ordered a few pairs. Sure enough, a few weeks later we received a pair of flatulence-filtering underwear. They remain yet untested for the time being.