Iron & Resin

Iron & Resin is a Southern California based lifestyle brand whose product offering is a collection of hand-crafted goods for water and land. Naturally, we were thrilled when their marketing leadership engaged us to partner in the creation of a new digital communication platform to support direct-to-consumer ecommerce sales and a toolkit for publishing collectino and campaign content.

We put our minds together in collaboratino with the client and hit the road.

Early on in the project we identified a primary brand driver for Iron & Resin is storytelling. Their success in the social media space informed their ability to successfully engage their consumer with visual content. Storytelling became a priority and bridging the gap into product story emerge as the branding challenge behind the project.


An analysis of use case of the previous site put an emphasis on the Home Page, and an emphasis on the good old desktop browser. With a responsive design leaning towards mobile-first, we emphasized simplicity and maxxed out real estate with storytelling assets, with minimized User Interface for a focus on content. A few tricks make the navigation experience as smooth as butter. A masonry-based grid features products, social platforms, blog posts and happenings.


Leveraging the agenda of storytelling, we designed a means of expressing product collections in the form of timely brand stories. Video and photo gallery takeovers offer a distraction-free engagement experience.


The product story is told on collection and individual product pages. Large studio photography keeps the users focus on the product, with expandable text content and storytelling availble on scroll. A pure-CSS peeling effect was created to showcase large images and video to show lifestyle imagery and visual product storytelling.

Product option User Experience was tuned to eliminate pain points in the specific product offering from Iron & Resin, that features many one-off, vintage, and short-run collections, making finding an available product option intuitive. With cart actions all handled using slick AJAX, the site is set up to encourage a multi-item purchasing experience, and a rising number of items per transaction is the result.


We built a custom Tumblr theme to bring the website User Experience into this social space seamlessly, with Tumblr’s engagement tools prioritized for growth.

A unique staggered layout in both the Tumblr and Blog keeps the user moving through the content. Combined with endless scrolling an engagement loop is formed with carefully placed exit points to product showcased in any given post.