Engagement is it’s own reward.

Neff Headwear is a brand that has defined youth culture in its present state with a position of irreverence, action, and above all: fun.

The Backstory

With an audience composed of Snapchatters, we were tasked with augmentation of the brand’s online experience to offer mobile shopping bliss, and support growth of engaged loyalists and return visitors to the Neff website.

The Website

We engaged in a project to improve User Experience on the Neff website. Touch-enabled everything reworking the responsive layouts resulted in vast improvement on the small screen. Supporting page load time through AJAX loaded content and offering new tools for product searching and sorting made the ecommerce experience align with the fun aspect of the brand. Custom badges, icons, and pre-loaders were designed and developed to support the youthful use case.

The Real Challenge

With email marketing playing a role in the brands goals for audience reach, and our task of increasing return visits to the Neff website, we had to take a tough look at the audience and what makes them tick. With the social-sphere owning the communication modality of the young demographic, there had to be a viable reason for them to bother subscribing to an email newsletter. Examining our potential budgets for reward offerings, the offerings available made it clear that large-scale contests were not in the picture. So how could we encourage users to take action on next-level engagement, without a payoff at the end? *By making the engagement process itself be the reward.*

The Fun

Accessing the brand’s values and working within their current “Forever Fun” campaign, we designed and developed a slot machine game that required user engagement to play, and offered small prizes to a limited number of winners. The game had to be simple, but exciting, quick and repeatable daily. We designed it to manifest as a full screen takeover that was impossible to ignore, because it looked so, well, fun. Developed with pure HTML5, the experience is a jolt of joy on all devices. Give it a whirl , it only costs an email address to play.

The results

A massive 600% increase in subscriber-base, and an opportunity to push fun on a growing, loyal audience.