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Wax3d : Experiments in 3d

In talks with one of our new clients about an upcoming web project, we’ve begun to explore the 3rd dimension as it applies to showcasing products as models and renderings. We wanted to experiment with what would be possible with CSS as a medium for rending 3d shapes. We needed to start with a simple shape, and tried cubes, prisms, and pyramids. The end goal is to create a 3d surfboard, but for the time being, we went with the next best thing. Surfboard Wax. And what could be more iconic that Mr. Zog’s SexWax. A short cylinder created in CSS was simple enough, with a background image for the top and bottom pulled from the SexWax website. Once we got it animating with a little jQuery, cycling through the various temperatures of the Quick Humps line as the user scrolled was an inevitable next step.

You can view the experiment as a standalone piece here: Wax3d