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Why we as an agency love Squarespace.

If you haven’t seen the Superbowl Ad, or been listening to Pandora, Spotify, been retargetted by their banner ad campaign and been otherwise tuned out for the last couple years, Squarespace is a DIY website application. It features beautiful starter templates with great

So often we get the question:

Aren’t you worried that ¬†platforms like Squarespace will make you obsolete?

Not only are we not worried, we love platforms like Squarespace. The DIY platforms of the web, most notably Squarespace, Shopify, and Tumblr, ¬†make publishing to the web straightforward enough for Joe Shmoe to handle. This keeps Mr. Shmoe from reaching out to us, where we might expend relatively significant resources to plan and quote on a project that would end up being below our target scope anyhow. Putting their own site together gives the small-medium sized client exposure to what could be, and gets their gears turning on where they’d like to take their brand online in the future. When the future becomes the present, we are here for them to take them to the next level.

Aditionally, we’ve found Squarespace as a great use of a small portion our clients’ total spend on a branding and identity package with us. As it’s our policy to recommend whatever process will work for a set budget, we can be sure a client has a web presence to top of a beautiful identity. This was the case with SEVEN Bar & Kitchen; we set out to create a complete brand for them, and working within a set total budget, were able to give them an online presence that custom design/development would have put out of reach.

Any site we put together using a hosted platform will have some custom functionality. We can’t resist the opportunities for code injection and template customization. In fact, in the case of Analog Supply Co, we took on the task of some cool customization to the Galapagos theme, which was selected by Squarespace as an example of the template. We’ll generally tweak some CSS and implement some custom JS to make a site on a hosted platform stand apart from the crowd of other brands using the same template. This gives our clients a sneak peek at what would be possible with a completely custom project.