Scalable Authenticity

Balancing Tech with Authentic Brand Expression

Our alliance with Volcom was bolstered by a mutual understanding of brand essence and the fine art of juxtaposing technology with genuine brand storytelling. Even with the integration of AI technology, Volcom's core story and its connection with its audience remained the heart of the site. Authentic visuals, ambassador profiles, and immersive stories were curated to underline Volcom’s unique identity in every digital interaction. Enhanced architecture for content population makes it possible, and the Volcom team keeps it all fresh.

Optimized Performance for Maximum Impact

A streamlined, mobile-first journey requires high on-site performance. We boosted Volcom's site with enhanced performance measures, ensuring rapid page transitions, effective caching, and fewer dependencies, translating to a seamless user journey from landing to checkout.

Globally Unified, Locally Relevant

an ecommerce approach that resonates universally while catering to local nuances. SLTWTR rose to this intricate challenge by architecting and supporting 13 distinct Volcom websites across the globe. Beyond just geographical distinctions, our solution integrated dynamic user routing, ensuring that visitors are intuitively directed to their regional site. Furthermore, to bolster a truly global shopping experience, we developed multi-language and multi-currency support, ensuring that every user, regardless of their location or language, enjoys a tailored and frictionless journey with Volcom.