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Nimble Brands need Nimble Platforms

Shopify Plus Delivers

Shopify Plus is a scalable, fast, flexible, reliable platform, optimized for mobile and social commerce.

SLTWTR partnered with Shopify Plus to handle the heavy lifting and empower our clients to do what they do best, build brands.

As a platform, Shopify Plus is powerful and scalable. As a partner, Shopify is always moving forward to release the features that enterprise brands need, and evolving to meet consumer needs.

SLTWTR designs and develops custom Themes, Apps, and API Integrations for Shopify Plus.

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Key differentiators

Shopify Plus features

Merchant Ease of Use + Agility

Fast, intuitive, and well-organized, Shopify Plus provides merchants a platform to grow quickly. Opening the Shopify Plus admin is a breath of fresh air if you are coming from a legacy ecommerce platform like Magento.


Forget servers, Shopify is 100% hosted. Industry-leading uptime with PCI compliance, security, SSL, and fraud analysis are included. Performance is garaunteed and your customers' data is protected.

Always Evolving

Shopify rolls out new features that are always backward-compatible and aleways improving. Your platform is always up-to-date without any upgrades.

Dedicated Support

Shopify's world-class support is stepped up to the next level with Shopify Plus, ioncluding a dedicated Launch Engineer and Success Manager.


Shopify provides out-of-the-box conectivity to Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Apple Pay and other critical channels. The Shopify API provides a point of integration for any cloud-enabled service.

A world of Apps

Thousands of Apps in the Shopify App Store are available to merchants to add functionality for storefont, admin and integration opportunity with quick installation and configuration.

Omnichannel to the max

The big myth

Shopify is not a closed platform

Because Shopify is a hosted platform, there is a common misconception that it is a black box that cannot be custom catered to unique business needs. SLTWTR has proven in every project that creative approaches with technical expertise open up doors to what may seem out of reach.

If you are being told

"It can't be done on Shopify"
We want to hear from you.

We take it to the next level

How we elevate the Shopify experience.

Branded Consumer Experience

Custom designed themes, theme modifications and aesthetic iterations put our clients' sites on brand. SLTWTR follows the bleeding edge of web design trends and makes consumer experience interesting and efficient.

Content Authoring

We understand that the authoring needs of our clients does not always mirror the content model provided by Shopify. We offer tooling to build cohesive content blocks into Pages, Products, Collections, as well as attachment of products to any kind of content to make everything shoppable.

Product Merchandising

SLTWTR helps clients split products into independently merchandiseable colorways, and cluster products into kits or broader styles. We understand apparel and its inheirent needs.

Peripheral Data

The Data Architecture of Shopify is made to support best in class ecommerce, but our clients often have needs for big data that go beyond what's provided. Retail locations, robust fit information, and ERP-augmenting product data can be supplied by integrated 3rd party data sources.

Operational Integrations

We understand that the connections for dataflow are the lifeforce behind successful ecommerce. We develop tools that automate business processes and elevate operational and administrative experiences. We help our clients push Shipments, Returns, Financial information, and more to and from Shopify.

ADA Compliance

It's our quest to elevate everyone's experiences in ecommerce. This can mean ensuring that touchpoints beyond the conventional mobile device or desktop are accessible and exquisite.

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